Linux Device Driver Cookbook (In Preparation)
Focusing on specific examples rather than the more generic approach taken in other titles

Debugging Embedded Systems (In Preperation)
Focusing on tools for debugging embedded Linus systems, to be published in conjuntion with Building Embedded Linux Systems and expanding on the discussion therein.

Building Embedded Linux Systems 2nd Ed
O'Reilly Press - ISBN 0596529686
Focusing on the tools and procedures required to build an embedded system based on Linux

Professional Linux Deployment
WROX Press - ISBN 1861002874
Focusing on Linux for Enterprise support applications such as Oracle, Sybase, and Apache, as well as software development tools like MPI, PVM, and CORBA.

General Consulting, Software/Hardware Developer

AIMA Neurology, LLC
Argonne National Laboratory
Department of Energy
Fermi National Laboratory
Gen Chemics, LLC
Gocio Neurology, LLC
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Lockheed Martin
MasterCard International
Monsanto Corporation
National Institute of Science and Technology
Pfizer Corporation
Pharmacia Corporation
ZeroPlus Corporation


Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Prediction, Modeling and Mapping
Project utilizing Python tools to process and inspect images provided by volunteer land owners and hunters. Compare images of confirmed CDW positive deer harvested and inspected at Fish and Game inspections stations, when leveraged with all other available data to help predict where CWD will either appear or increase to allow Fish and Game and how to better manage and reduce the impact of the disease. (Sustainable Agriculture, Big Data, Machine Learning, NoSQL)

Data Acquisition Utilizing Drone Technology with Swarm Methodologies
Creating autonomous inspection and data collection tools for remote data gathering. Several applications under development, including crop and health and vigor data. The use of swarms of commodity priced drones improves data collection and efficiency while keeping costs low. This project involves Big Data and NoSQL solutions to store and process the large amounts of images captured.

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