UnderHill Technologies, LLC is a general consulting firm focused on providing technical expertise in science and IT. Our approach is to work with our clients to help them explore, plan, and execute their organization’s vision. Unlike other organizations and consulting companies, we do not keep a large stable of “bench” consultants who we bring off the shelf when projects become available. We keep a list of highly skilled professionals whom we can call upon as needed. We can build a team of likeminded professionals who can effectively assist you.


We have a long history of working in trade-secret, sensitive, or secret projects. Visit our portfolio page for a list of public projects we have or are actively working on | MORE


UnderHill Technologies, LLC operates as a network of professionals working to complete projects. If you are interested in potentially joining our network, please contact us. | MORE


UnderHill Technologies, LLC is made up of highly experienced and exceptionally qualified experts in their fields. Visit our team page for more information. | MORE


We are waiting to hear from you. If you have a project you need done, or if you are looking for an exciting and challenging opportunity, please contact us.

About Us

UnderHill Technologies, LLC was originally established as a sole proprietor business in the early 1980’s. The company has operated continuously since its founding, going through various legal forms as appropriate. The company has provided consulting services principally to small and medium sized companies, public and private organizations, as well as several national laboratories. Some of the projects clients are listed in the portfolio section of this site.